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History of Lakeside Park Water District

Development of Lakeside Park Water System first started in 1938 to serve the service area of about 9 miles. The systems original source came from a spring that was developed in 1908. The spring was located on the east side of highway 50, approximately one mile from the LPA service area. Water storage capacity was provided by four 7,000 gallon redwood tanks located near the spring, and water flowed downstream to the Lakeside Park service area.

As the area that developed it became apparent that spring water supply was inadequate, and two wells were constructed on Pine Blvd. The wells could produce water flows up to 650 gpm. These wells were the new primary source of water and the spring was a backup supply. In 1959 LPA started increasing water distribution line sizes to six inches(compared to 2 inch) or larger, and also installed fire hydrants.

In the 1960’s Lakeside Park Association was granted water rights to Lake Tahoe. An intake line was constructed and untreated Lake Tahoe water was provided to its users in the LPA service area. By the time the 1980’s rolled around the first two wells as well and the redwood storage tanks were abandoned, and a third well was built which is still in service today.

The Safe Drinking Water Act was amended in 1986 which required all surface water to be treated prior to the consumer receiving it. By the 1990’s the law came into effect in Lake Tahoe. With a loan from the State LPA was able to design and construct facilities compliant to this law. By 1997 a water treatment plant and storage take were built, and are still in use today.


water company before water company after

Lakeside Park Water District Today


Lakeside Park Association still owns and operates it’s water system. Water is drawn from from Lake Tahoe through an intake line from a point 2300 feet from the shore, and 33 feet deep.The water is pumped from a pump station on Lakeside Beach to a treatment plant on Pine Blvd.

The water is treated by coagulation filtration and disinfection. Producing one of the highest quality water supplies available in the world. Analysis of Lake Tahoe has shown almost no organic or inorganic contaminants that are normally found in other water supplies.

The treated water is stored on site in a 200,000 gallon storage tank ready to use. LPA also can pull ground water for a well that is located next to the storage tank. In the high volume summer months this water is blended with LPA treated water to service the most of the tourist core with the best water in town. Lakeside Park also has an 8″ tie-in with South Tahoe Public Utility District in case of an emergency.



Raw Water Pumps : 2 @ 700 gpm

Filters: 2 @ 420 gpm

Distribution Pumps: 3 @ 900 gpm

Well: 1 @ 350 gpm

Fire Pump: 1 @1,000 gpm

Treated Water Storage Tank: 1 @ 210,000 gallons