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Water History.
Lakeside Park Association (LPA) Water Systems


Development of the Lakeside Park Water System first started around 1938 to serve the present service area of about 90 acres in size.  The System’s original source came from a spring, which was developed in 1908.  LPA was awarded 50 % ownership by court action in 1938 while the other 50% was retained by Mable Whitney, Louis Bartlett and Laura D. Patterson.  The spring was located on the east side of Highway 50, approximately 1 mile from the LPA service area.  Water storage capacity was provided by four 7,000 gallon redwood tanks located near the spring and water flowed by gravity to the LPA service area.  As the service area developed, it became apparent the spring water supply was inadequate and two wells were constructed on Pine Blvd. between Stateline and Park Ave.  Both of these wells combined could supply water flows of up to 650 gpm. These wells were then used as the primary source of water and the spring was used as a back-up supply.

Up until 1959 all water distribution lines were sized at 2 inches, which would not provide sufficient fire flows.  After 1959 LPA gradually increased some water distribution line sizes to 6 inches and larger and installed fire hydrants.


In the 1960’s LPA applied for and was granted water rights to Lake Tahoe.  An intake line was constructed and untreated Lake Tahoe source water was provided to its users in the LPA service area. During the time period from1960 to 1980 the spring, the four redwood storage tanks and the first two wells were abandoned. A third well was constructed (Well #3) which is still in service today.


In 1974, The United States Congress passed The Safe Drinking Water Act which required all water purveyors to test their water supplies and notify its users of its contents.  From this information contaminant limits were set and it was determined certain treatment would be required.  Congress amended The Safe Drinking Water Act in 1986 requiring all surface water must be treated prior to use by the consumer.  The enforcement of this law came to Lake Tahoe in the early 1990’s.  Lakeside Park Association received a loan from the State of California to design and construct these facilities to come into compliance to meet this law.  Between the period of 1995-1997 a new intake line, water treatment plant and storage tank were constructed.



Lakeside Park Association owns and operates its water system.  Water is drawn from Lake Tahoe thru an intake line from a point 2300 feet from the shore line to a depth of 33 feet.  The water is pumped from a pump station located at the North end of Lakeside Park Beach on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe to the treatment plant located on Pine Blvd.  Tthe water is treated by coagulation, filtration and disinfection producing one of the highest quality water supplies available to the consumer in the world.  This treated water is stored on site in a 220,000 gallon storage tank ready for public use.


Water Quality:

Today, Lakeside Park Association provides treated Lake Tahoe surface water to its users (actually from 33 feet below the surface of the lake).  This water is of a much higher quality than the standard ground water provided by most other water purveyors in the Lake Tahoe area basin.  LPA is able to use this pristine source because of the Association’s foresight in applying for and receiving water rights to Lake Tahoe in the early 1960’s.  Analysis of Lake Tahoe has shown almost no organic or inorganic contaminants that are normally found in other water supplies.  LPA, however, must guard its drinking water to the consumer from bacteria and viruses which are caused by humans and wildlife.  To do this, LPA uses a water treatment plant that removes all particles equal to or larger than 2 microns in size (giardia included) by contact coagulation/filtration.   A minimal amount of sodium hyperchloride is then added to maintain a chlorine residual of 0.5 parts per million to prevent bacterial contamination in the distribution system.  Inline turbidity and chlorine residual analyzers monitor water quality continuously. The processes are controlled by a computer and will automatically shut the treatment system down and call in the operator should water quality exceed limitations or any equipment failure.  A trained CDHS certified water treatment operator (Grade II) is required to maintain the system operation 24 hours per day – 7 days per week.


LPA can also supply ground water from a well (Well #3) that is located next to the storage tank.  Although this water is not as high quality as the Lake Tahoe source, it does meet safe drinking water standards.  The well is used during the summer months, during peak usage hours and is blended with the treated Lake Tahoe water.  Well #3 can also supply enough water should the treatment system go down.  An 8 inch inter-tie also exists with South Tahoe Public Utilitiy District should either system require additional water supplies during an emergency.


The California Dept of Health Services (CDHS) strictly regulates the operation of all public water systems.  CDHS sets monitoring and reporting requirements, which are usually more stringent for surface water sources.  LPA’s monitoring requirements include monthly bacti monitoring, organic and inorganic monitoring and radionuclide monitoring.  These samples are sent to an approved water laboratory for analysis.  Data on water quality is reported to CDHS every month. The latest water reports are available to Lakeside Park Association members through the Members Only Pages.



Raw Water Pumps (2)  700 gpm
Filters (2)  420 gpm (space available for one additional filter)
Distribution Supply Pumps (3)  900 gpm
Fire Pump (1)  1,000 gpm
Well #3  350 gpm
Treated Water Storage Tank  210,000 gallonive Specis Mailer dowload here
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